Black Panther Star Winston Duke Is Blasted Online Because He’s Dating A White Girl

Black Panther Star Winston Duke Is Blasted Online Because He’s Dating A White Girl

Actor Winston Duke who played M’Baka The Man-Ape in the new hit movie Black Panther was one of the most memorable characters in the film.

But today he’s coming under fire from a group of Black women who are upset with the woman he loves.

A growing number of women are blasting Winston as a “sell-out” for dating a woman named Meesh who is White/Asian.

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Winston has been trying hard to keep her under wraps while heavily promoting the new Marvel movie. This comes just weeks after it was alleged that actor Michael B. Jordan was dating a white girl. Some on social media attempted to get the Black community to boycott the movie, but others were able to see the much bigger picture, and the attempted boycott flopped.

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Could this just be another attempt to derail the success of Black Panther? It wouldn’t be the first time that scandal has hit a Black movie and targeted its creators right before the release of the movie. Remember Birth Of A Nation?

We doubt this is going to work. Wakanda fever has swept the nation and even across the waters in the United Kingdom.

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Does it matter that much if the stars of Black Panther have partners who are not Black? Is the message not bigger than these actors personal lives?

We’re sure that some will turn there nose up at the movie for a thing as small as this but Black Panther is breaking down a lot of barriers for our future Kings and Queens.


Here’s his GF:

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