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OMG!! Instagram Thottie India Westbrooks Is A Rapper Records New Song Naked In The Booth

Cardi B proved in 2017 – that THOTTING works in female hip-hop.
And Instagram model India Westbrooks is looking to take Cardi’s model – to the NEXT LEVEL.

Her music videos have been receiving mixed reviews, but she’s probably not the WORST out. Even hosts of Everyday Struggle who critiqued her video “Loco” video admitted that she wasn’t garbage, she just needs better writers.

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At just 21 years of age, India Love has lived a full life. The queen of the selfies has over 3 million followers on Instagram and has already dated several mainstream rappers including Rick Ross, Drake and The Game. She’s already being compared to Cardi B, but she claims that she has just started rapping, saying on her Instagram:

“And for those who didn’t know, this was my First song EVER recorded ever in my life.. @iamwill sat me down about a year or so ago from today and told me he wanted me to try something new.. something out of the box and fresh. I didn’t hesitate one bit. I remained patient. Trusted his vision and followed his guidance along the way. Thank you so much for believing in me & allowing me to show the world the Visual Artist I really am.”

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Well, I guess that means we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from the young Westbrook. And if Cardi can make it, why not India Love?

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We just received word that India recorded a bunch of new songs – and she was NEKKID in the booth while recording them.

Here are pics . . .





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