nicki minaj slammed cardi b

Yesterday Cardi B performed at Jay Z and Beyonce’s MADE IN AMERICA concert & Nicki Minaj went ballistic:

Here’s the pics that Beyonce posted of her and Cardi people in the comments say that Cardi was crowned the new “QUEEN” of Hip Hop:

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Then Nicki posted this rant going directly at Cardi B:

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  1. Somebody’s in their feelings!!!! And it’s ole girl Nikki Minaj.. Somebody tell that hoe that her light is out it’s dark in her corner. one wants you at their find out the next day and shit and get tight cause a new flame done hit the scene. Why you throwing all that shade at Cardi B. She just making money moves she ain’t even thinking about you brah. On top of that..she’s not calling herself the Queen, everybody else is. So bow down bitch, you just got son’d..


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