They say that the Lord answers ALL prayers event the ones of RATCHET STRIPPERS.
Listen to the group prayer that these ladies did – before taking the stage for their shift.

The women leading prayer can be seen asking the lord to help her make a lot of money because Blac Youngsta is coming to town and she needs her butt and her breasts done. She also prays that her baby daddy doesn’t hit the club and mess up her money.

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People with knowledge of the strip club will not be that surprised to see a prayer circle. It’s a regular occurrence backstage before doors open. I think the person who really needs to be checked is the cameraperson who was zooming in on the ladies booties, instead of focusing on their passionate words to the man upstairs.

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The video has been doing the rounds online for quite some time and had spawned a plethora of feedback videos on Youtube, including one from Christian comedian KevOnStage who gave his take on what he feels a strippers prayer should sound like – and it wasn’t this.

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And before y’all judge. Keep in mind Ecclesiasticus 26:25 A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog, but she that is shamefaced will fear the Lord.

What do you think? Are they asking for the wrong things or does the lord answer all prayers?

Here is the video:

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